Best Height for Hanging Basket Plants- When we buy a hanging basket plant, it’s growing in a pot with a hanger on it. Most hangers are fourteen inches from the top of the hanger to the top of the pot.
Gardening With Charlie - Charming Annual Vines(Family Features with Kathie Bond-Borie, Guest Columnist) Would you like to cloak a summer porch in cooling shade? Hide an eyesore such as a chain-link fe
Controlling Slugs- If there\'s one garden pest that\'s universally despised, it\'s slugs. Not only do they eat prized vegetables, herbs, and flowers at night while you sleep, but when you do catch them,
Clumpy, Grassy Weeds Need Control Now- Three similar-seeming, grassy-looking weeds appear early each spring. All three grow from underground bulbs. All three are perennials that not only come back eve
Banish Biting SeasonTips for eliminating backyard pestsAs the weather gets warmer, mosquitoes can prevent homeowners from reaping the benefits of living life outside. According to a Harris Poll conduc